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PROTACT Targeting Pancreatic Cancer PROTACT Providing Hope For Pancreatic Cancer PROTACT Targeting Pancreatic Cancer PROTACT Providing Hope For Pancreatic Cancer
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For Patients With Pancreatic Cancer

Your Treatment is Our Goal

If you or your loved one has recently been diagnosed with stage III Pancreatic cancer

We would like to invite you to participate in a clinical trial fighting pancreatic cancer, providing hope for you and others in the future.

Patients who are eligible to participate in the PROTACT clinical trial, will receive a new experimental treatment (siG12D LODER™) aimed at targeting the growth of the cancerous tumor within the pancreas. In addition, all patients participating in the clinical trial will receive gemcitabine + nab-Paclitaxel chemotherapy, which is the standard treatment for pancreatic cancer.

About The Treatment

PROTACT, standing for Precise RNAi for Obtaining Targeted Cancer Therapy, is an acronym that we have selected for our new phase 2 clinical trial. Our latest testing’s during PHASE 1 have presented promising prospects suggesting that a combination of our “siG12D LODER™” treatment in addition to standard chemotherapy demonstrates remarkable efficacy in locally advanced pancreatic cancer (LAPC).

Find Out If You’re Eligible to Join

Treatment Benefits

Targeting Pancreatic Cancer

pancreatic cancer clinical trials

Am I Eligible to Participate

The PROTACT clinical trial is currently recruiting a limited amount of patients worldwide. In order to participate you must be over 18 and have recently been diagnosed with stage 3 locally advanced pancreatic cancer which is non-resectable (cannot be removed in a surgical operation.) To find out if you’re eligible click here

Treatment Benefits

Participants in clinical trials are provided with the best treatment options and receive early access to cutting-edge treatments that advance research and improve treatment options, overall benefiting from better care during treatment.

Participants in the PROTACT clinical trial are monitored closely, on a regular basis and receive personalized attention

Earlier clinical trials revealed that the siG12D-LODER innovative drug tested in PROTACT is safe for use and has minimal side effects.

PROTACT offers patients the opportunity to receive the latest treatments available today. Our treatments may significantly improve patient condition and provide hope to all future patients with pancreatic cancer.

Is this Treatment Right for me?

Pancreatic cancer is an extremely violent cancer, while recovery rates are rising in recent years we are still far from wining. Patients who participate in clinical research have better outcomes. All revolutionary treatments available today were approved initially through a set of clinical trials.
Research has shown that participating in clinical trials for pancreatic cancer improves your chances to recovery.

About the Treatment

About the Treatmentpancreatic cancer clinical trail protact

During treatment,miniature biodegradable capsules are inserted directly into the core of the solid tumor in the pancreas, releasing the anti KRASG12D siRNA drug in a controlled manner over extended period of 12 weeks. Recent pre-clinical studies have shown that in addition to extending overall progression-free survival, the LODER treatment can halt perineural invasion (PNI) and help reduce the development of pain in patients with pancreatic cancer.

Our treatment targets the currently ‘undruggable’ KRAS oncogene, which is muted in 95% of tumors found in pancreatic cancer. Utilizing precise RNAi-based silencing, the siG12D-LODER encompassing an anti KRASG12D siRNA drug is programmed to infuse the treatment regionally within the tumor at controlled rates. The siG12D-LODER releases the drug for controlled periods of 12-16 weeks.

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MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

1515 Holcombe BLVD, Houston, Texas  

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

1275 York Avenue, New York, NY 10065  

Mount Sinai Hospital

1 Gustave L. Levy Pl, New York, NY

Hackensack Meridian, NJ

30 Prospect Avenue, Hackensack, NJ 07601

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Learn How Clinical Trials Can Help

Pancreatic cancer patients who participate in clinical trials are provided with the best treatment options, receiving early access to cutting-edge treatments that progress research, and improve treatment options overall benefiting better care during treatment.

The PROTACT trial number is NCT01676259, it appears and being updated routinely in the website

PROTACT offers a novel treatment that targets the main pancreatic cancer driver, the oncogene called KRAS, which so far (prior to this study) is considered ‘undruggable’. KRAS is mutated in 95% of pancreatic cancer patients. The siG12D-LODER encompasses the anti-KRAS (mutated) drug. It enables precise RNAi-based silencing and it induces death of the KRAS oncogene; The Silenseed’s LODER (LOcal Drug EluteR) platform can be customized per indication. LODER is optimized to release drug very slowly at a controlled rate, enabling very effective drug distribution over the entire tumor. For pancreatic cancer we have found the release period of 12 weeks to be the optimal.

For further information please vist Silenseed’s website

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